My name is Indie. Just Indie, with an 'ie' and no... It is not short for anything! My mum was pregnant with me while she was at Glastonbury around the time that Indie was all the rage so out I popped and Indie was slapped on the birth certificate.

I am 21 years young, still in my prime and still at University in my final year. I am studying Civil Engineering, probably a big shock to most people as they don't think that Engineering is something a petite, blonde, 12 year old looking girl would want to do.. But to hell with the stereotypes. Not all blondes are dumb you know ;)

I have followed Beauty vloggers on YouTube for sometime now and after following blog after blog I decided it was time to jump on the bandwagon and share my thoughts on all things fashion and beauty! 

Thank you to anyone that takes their time to read my blog and comment and show an interest in my posts! I really appreciate and would love to hear your opinions and thoughts on what I have to say.


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