Ance Face Mapping: Understanding Your Spots!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The most important way of dealing with any breakouts is by first understanding what is causing them. One of the best ways to do this is by identifying where your breakouts are happening on your face and using this in order to determine the primary source of the spot.

Here are a few different problem areas of the face, and why you may be getting breakouts at theses places:

Upper Forehead
The upper forehead is directly linked with your digestive system, the large intestines and the bladder.  A poor digestive system will begin to struggle breaking down food resulting in a large build up of toxins. In this case it is important to eat more antioxidant rich foods such as green teas, lemon water and berries. 

Lower Forehead
This area is associated with your mind and spirit. Breakouts in this area are often a result of lack of sleep, stress, depression or even bad blood circulation.  In order to prevent spots in this area, it important that you maintain a good sleep pattern (approx 8 hours a night) and you make time for yourself in order to relax. Whether you are busy at work, school, college or university, or even have personal issues that are causing you stress, take time to relax and clear your mind before solving the problem. Stressing over something does not change the outcome, e.g. if you are stressing over an exam, you know that you are still going to have to do it so just take a breather and get your mind set on the problem you are facing, and find away to solve it. 

Again, the nose is a problem area affected by blood pressure and stress. Make sure you make time for yourself to relax, even by putting on your favourite film, having a long bubble bath with candles or even taking some time for retail therapy (a personal fave of mine!).

Spots in the eyebrows, yuk! Who wants spots in their eyebrows right? But it does happen guys! Spots in the eyebrows can be an indication of a poor diet or the consumption of too much alcohol. In this case, detox and clear your body of all the bad stuff that you have been consuming. I am not saying completely change your diet and cut out the food you love, I am just saying do this in moderation. It is important to balance the bad with the good.

Breakouts in your ears may be a cause of liver problems. This may be due to not drinking enough water, or consuming too much salt or caffine. Make sure you drink your 8 glasses of water a day and cut down on caffine and salts.

Spots on the cheek are caused by lung problems. These lung problems may occur from smoking, respiratory stress and allergies. In order to tackle this area, try to avoid smoking or smoking areas and get plenty of fresh air in order to relieve any respiratory stress. If you have allergies ensure that you are aware of what is causing the allergy (do this by making an appointment with your GP) and taking a regular antihistamine. 

Mouth and Centre of the Chin
The mouth and the chin are related to the stomach and the small intestine. Again spots that are appearing in these areas may be a result of a poor diet such as eating too much fast food or consipation. Try to introduce fresh food with higher fibre into your diet such as, vergetables, fruits and whole grain food. 

Sides of the Chin
The sides of your chin is linked to the reproductive organs and the kidney. This means that breakouts may flare up here during the womans menstrual cycle or even due to the kidneys working overtime due to stress. Ensure that you give yourself plenty time to relax and during that one week a month girls be prepared with sudocream and your favourite spot fighting products to deal with any unwanted spots!

Something a bit different today but I hope you all liked it!

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