Tip Tuesday: Skinny Jeans

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Do you ever get stuck into that skinny pair of jeans that you absolutley love? 

After spending ages wriggling, yanking and pulling to get them on for a long day and when you try to get out of the them when you're home you find that you just can't budge them?

Have you been 'in the moment' and have to get them off but you just can't and end up doing crazy yoga positions in order to try get the jeans off in the least sexy way possible?

Well beautys for this Tip Tuesday I am going to tell you one of the little tips that I have came across that will help you get your favourite skinny jeans off, no bother at all!

The easiest way to take your skinnies off is to simply take them off inside out.

Yes people, that is it - as simple as that! Simply roll them down from your waist and they will come off so much easier than trying to take them off normally. 

Hope this tip saves some girlies some time and agony as it has done for me! Comment below to let me know if this helps you or if you have any other tips for getting off difficult skinny jeans.


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