Tip Tuesday: Winged Eyeliner

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Back with a quick Tip Tuesday and this one is for the girls! 

Ever have that struggle with winged eyeliner? Of course you do, all of us girlies do unless we have totally perfected it! If you are like me and still struggle to get both eyes matching then here are some of my tips!

1. Firstly find the liner that works for you. Whether it is pencil, gel or a liquid liner.. Find what is easiest for you to work with and stick with it.

2. Use tape at the corner of your eye, just like you would use for creating a perfect eye shadow look in order to get that perfect flick.

3. If you have problems with trying to get the liner as close to your lid as possible then DO THE MASCARA FIRST! Trust me on this. Applying mascara to your lashes causes them to become thicker and harder meaning that you can get right down the bottom of your eyelid along the lash line so there are no gaps in the liner!

4. If you make a mistake do not use anything wet to remove the liner. This always just makes the liner run and makes a great black mess. Be sure to use a dry piece of tissue or a dried cotton bud as they work wonders.

5. Always apply the liner with your head pointing downwards but so you can still see in a mirror. This prevents a build up of liner (especially liquid) from building up on your eyelashes and causing them to clump together... Yuck!

Hope this help girls!!


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