Tip Tuesday: Fake Tan

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

With the increased risk in skin cancer from using tanning beds, it is becoming more common for girls and guys to use fake tan. This Tip Tuesday is going to be all about fake tanning, how to achieve a great even fake tan and how to fix any fake tan disasters.

1. First of all it is important to chose a fake tan that is right for you. Whether it be a mousse, spray or lotion, deciding what you can work with is the first step for achieving the perfect fake tan. Personally I use a mousse, as I feel it is easier to blend using a mitt and you can see the application immediately. A spray is good for a quick and easy application where little blending is required, and lotions often need time to build a gradual tan so you cannot see the tan as it is applied. I rarely use fake tan on my face as I feel any tan that I want on my face can be achieved by using bronzer, but tanning wipes or a spray would be best recommended for the face. 

2. EXFOLIATE! Before tanning you should always exfoliate to remove any dead skin cells that may be on your body. Dry and dead skin will only cause the tan to cling to it, resulting in a patchy and uneven fake tan. I would also recommend shaving a day before or after tanning (not immediately!) as a fresh shave then application of tan just leaves horrible razor burn on your legs - not pretty girls!

3. Give yourself plenty time to do your tan and also allow time for it to dry. You do not want to rush as this is something that takes time and effort so that the end product is flawless. Especially with a mousse, you want to take the time to apply using circular motions and then pat over the area to ensure even application. If you can't reach an area such as your back, don't hurt yourself doing all sorts of yoga positions to try and reach.. Just ask someone to do it for you :)

4. The last point I want to talk about is your hands! It has taken me years in order to figure out how to perfectly tan hands without them becoming patchy and giving myself cheesy looking fingers. What I do is to use any remains on my mitt and then go over my hands, up and down my fingers, between my fingers and then lastly over my knuckles. This is the best way I have found of applying tan to my hands without it looking awful. 

If you ever do get that patch of tan on your hands that doesn't look right, or your tan has leaked through the mitt I have found a great little trick to remove it. Simply apply some soap to a luffa and scrub gently to remove any unwanted tan without causing any harm to your skin. This works like an absolute charm and removes any of those unwanted tan patches without you having to make much effort to remove it!

That's all for today's Tip Tuesday! If you liked this and want to read more of my Tip Tuesday's, or have any of your own tips to share then just comment below.


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