CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Review

Friday, 30 May 2014

I can't even begin to say how long I have been looking for a moisturiser or a primer that truly works for dry skin. I have the worst dry skin and everything that I have tried so far just results in make-up clinging to my dry patches making my skin look even worse than before. That was until I discovered the Clinique Moisture Surge moisturiser. 

This moisturiser can be used under or on top of make-up and claims to give the user 'rapid, long-lasting hydration in a refreshing oil-free gel'. I now swear by this. The formula is a very lightweight fragrance free gel and when applied literally makes your skin feel silky smooth. I have never discovered a product like this before. Also, a little of this product really goes a long way. I have been using it for around a month now and I literally have only used the excess product that was on the inner part of the lid. As it is quite expensive I only bought the 75ml but I know that this will last for a while. 

If you have dry skin, like me, I would highly recommend this. It also acts as a good base before applying your make-up, allowing it to be applied easily with no make-up clinging to those nasty dry patches. 

If any of you have discovered products that really work on dry skin then please comment below and let me know because I would love to know, I'm always on the look out!

Clinique Moisture Surge 50ml (can't see 75ml any more) available at House of Fraser and currently on discount at £28 -  Link


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