Maleficent Film Review - SPOILER ALERT

Friday, 30 May 2014

When I first found out two years ago that Disney were doing a new take on the old classic of Sleeping Beauty I could not wait for this film to come out! The idea of taking Sleeping Beauty and looking at the story from Maleficents point of view just excited me so much. 

Maleficent (too me) was always one of the scariest Disney villains and Angelina Jolie played her fantastically. I could not have picked anyone better to play her. I have to say though after waiting so long for the film to come out I was a little disappointed.. The story takes a look at how Maleficent had reasons all along behind why she had become evil, and ended up showing how much she truly loved Aurora and it turns out that the true loves kiss that was needed to awake Aurora was not from Prince Philip, but from Maleficent herself. I feel that if the story had stuck to the original Sleeping Beauty story then the opportunity was there in order to make this film really dark and make Maleficent even creepier rather than it turning out that she had been good all along. What also really annoyed me (even though I am Scottish) was King Stephan's Scottish accent.. It just seemed so out of place in the film... Maybe just me being fussy here? Does anyone agree?

All in all, I am glad that I did go to see it after waiting so long and it is worth a watch although it was a little disappointing but maybe that's just because it was not what I expected it to be. Generally for younger kids though the film is really good and I think everyone should take a minute to appreciate how amazing Angelina Jolie is in it - w0w major woman crush going on here!

I love ALL things Disney so comment below and let me know what you thought of the movie if you have been to see it :) 


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